Herobotics has hosted various workshops and seminars over the years at regional events and off-season events. Below are links to our team’s resources available to the public:

  • 2021 Game Design Challenge Submission
    • Provided above is our submission for the 2021 Game Design Challenge, FIRST Responders. This submission, alongside the accompanying presentation below, awarded our team a Concept Award.



  • 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Seminar
    • This workshop seminar, annotated with notes, is the workshop we presented at the 2019 Great Northern and Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional events. This workshop is a look into the many lenses of diversity, the disparities that still exist within STEM, and what your team can do to help increase inclusion and diversity within FIRST


  • 2017 Sustainability through Outreach Seminar
    • This workshop seminar is the workshop we presented at the 2017 MN Splash event. It takes an in-depth look at how outreach not only benefits your team and its members, but also how it can help your team remain sustainable.


  • 2017 Awards in FRC Presentation
    • This workshop is the one we presented at the 2017 MN Splash event. It explores all of the awards in FRC as of 2018, and how competing for awards can benefit your team.