About Us

About Herobotics:

We are a sustainable urban team that seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in FIRST, as well as the sustainability and success of urban FIRST teams. We aim to change the face of STEM and show that anyone, regardless of who they are, has a place in FIRST. We have cultivated symbiotic mutual partnerships with corporations and community organizations over the years. With our partners we work together on common initiatives to increase involvement and interest in STEM. Gracious Professionalism is a core value of our team, and we personify it in everything we do. From providing a tool shop at regional competitions, to welcoming new teams to our local regional, we seek to help any team in any way we possibly can. Our team has earned eight Regional Engineering Inspiration Awards and four Regional Chairman’s Awards in our fifteen years as a team, attending the Atlanta, St. Louis, and Detroit championship locations.

Our Impact at a Glance:

  • 160+ outreach events within the last five years.
  • 8,000+ hours of outreach within the last five years.
  • 100,000+ people reached through outreach in the last five years.
  • Founder of Minneapolis Urban Robotics Alliance (MURA), including 15+ FIRST teams in Minneapolis promoting sustainability of urban teams.
  • Created MURA Field, a full-sized FIRST practice facility serving FRC and FTC teams across Minnesota.
  • Founder of American Urban Robotics Alliance (AURA), including 10 FIRST teams promoting sustainability nationally.
  • Team composition 50% female, and team members collectively speak 15+ languages.
  • Founded 5 FTC teams in local middle schools to build FIRST pathway in Minneapolis, and increase diversity of FIRST program.