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Segment + Apptopia

Segment is the leading customer data platform, helping over 20,000 businesses collect, clean, and control their customer data. Having landed their first account just seven years ago, their growth in SaaS has been nothing short of remarkable. 

In 2016, Segment and Apptopia joined forces over a shared commitment to make data more accessible. So, while Segment was busy making their customers’ lives easier, the Apptopia team stepped in to return the favor. 

This year, Segment began integrating our API into their data warehouse, ultimately piping it into their Salesforce instance and Looker dashboards. As a result, they have enriched ~16k accounts with key data points. Armed with critical insights, Segment is empowering their sales outreach and supercharging their growth

The road there

Often, the most difficult part of sales is identifying high-quality leads. Without the right resources, lead generation requires hours of manual research. This will eat up the time you should be spending on actual outreach. Faced with this challenge, Segment saw their qualified opportunities decrease. 

After looking into it, the team confirmed that their SDRs and AEs, while savvy, were spending hours researching leads, some of which were not worth the payoff. This slowed their entire sales cycle down, ultimately impacting their bottom line. 

We knew we had to increase the number of QO’s over time, by improving the efficiency and productivity of our growing team.

Justin Tung, Head of Business Technology

This challenge, of course, presents another: finding a tool that can be easily integrated into existing workflows. Many lead scoring tools unintentionally add more work for the internal teams and the end-users, who first have to familiarize themselves with the new software before implementing it into their work.

We couldn’t properly train on all of the different applications we had access to, or govern the way our reps use them for research.


Plus, from the Data Analytics team’s perspective, training a lead scoring model is difficult without clean data. To maximize efficiency, the Segment team needed a vetted and reliable source ASAP. 

Turbocharge with mobile intelligence

Solutions: Apptopia API


The Segment team knows the power of good data. That’s why it was a no-brainer for them to implement the Apptopia API directly into their data warehouse and Salesforce instance. Their Analytics team was able to easily consume the data and train their lead/account scoring models.

In no time, Segment had thousands of accounts enriched with five key data points - MAU, SDK Stack, Top Mobile App, URL Google and URL ITunes– at a reasonable cost. This made it easy for their AEs to better prioritize and target accounts. 

Data is immediately available inside their existing reports, notifications workflow, and outreach sequences

Justin Tung, Head of Business Technology

And, by piping the data directly into their Salesforce instance, Segment’s AEs did not have to suffer the switching cost of working with multiple platforms and/or UIs. No extra training or time required– just better data right at their fingertips.

Better & faster results with Apptopia

In a matter of weeks, Segment began pursuing higher quality leads and saving up to 3-4 hours per week on research. That’s time that an SDR or AE could be spending elsewhere on true “selling activities.” 

Apptopia saves individuals time, but truly fulfills a niche sector of providing high-quality mobile data that we previously did not have

Justin Tung, Head of Business Technology

Apptopia’s API helps Segment streamline their workflows, but more importantly, it offers access to a deep well of clean and accurate data. Understanding the value in this, the Segment team is guaranteed to remain a formidable force in the industry. 

About Segment

Industry: Software, Customer Data Platform

COMPANY SIZE: 501-1,000

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

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