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NEURA + Apptopia

Neura is an AI platform that transforms sensory data from mobile devices into a deep understanding of human behavior. This extensive knowledge, in turn, helps brands drive mobile engagement and user retention. Since their founding in 2013, Neura has revolutionized the way hundreds of brands interact with their users.


To put their mission into hyperdrive, Neura teamed up with Apptopia starting in 2016. Armed with our competitive mobile intelligence tools, Neura shortened their sales cycle by 50% and reduced their cost-per-lead by almost 500%. This propelled them into a successful Series B funding round in Fall 2019. Now, slowing down is completely off the table for this team. 

The road there

We spoke with the Neura team to find out what their biggest pain points were as a business and why they chose Apptopia to address them. Like many of our customers before partnering with us, Neura was swimming in a vast ocean of potential customers and struggling to effectively or quickly identify the right leads. 


Challenge: Identifying viable partners and leads

From a go-to-market perspective, with millions of apps, the mobile industry is too vast to enable a broad-based sales and marketing strategy. As a tech company with an SDK-based product, Neura aims to identify and target mobile brands that have a need for large scale behavioral intelligence. In other words, brands with the highest likelihood to adopt our technology.

Jared Fleitman, Head of Growth

Turbocharge with mobile intelligence

Solutions: Apptopia API


Neura was looking for an advanced solution that they could implement seamlessly. That’s why they landed on the highly customizable Apptopia API as the best option for lead generation and enrichment. The API houses data for every app in the app store, from performance estimates to 35+ different metadata points. The Neura team recognized the advantages of having this data at their fingertips, so they worked with an Apptopia Customer Success Manager to pull our API into their sandbox of choice, Airtable. 


Neura streams Apptopia data into Airtable, where they customize their filters and arrange the data in a way that works best for each of their teams.


Before Apptopia, we put in a lot of effort upfront creating decks and emails for our prospects, but we were going in semi-blind. We didn’t know with great ease which tools or systems the app was already using, so there was no way to tell if it was truly a good fit.

Jared Fleitman, Head of Growth

Now, they use the API to understand more in depth details about potential customers, including engagement trends, usage volumes and other real time insights to determine viability. They also maintain custom target lists that the sales team uses to jump on leads while they’re still hot.

“The Apptopia API provides us with an array of parameters for each app. Neura finds that we have a faster sales cycle with customers that already incorporate elements identified as essential for optimum efficiency of our product.

Jared Fleitman, Head of Growth

By identifying this info early on in their process, Neura stopped wasting time chasing weak leads, and they were more prepared to pitch strong prospects instead. They even began adding Apptopia data to their decks and sales teardowns. All of this resulted in Neura reducing their sales cycle by more than 50%.

Better & faster results with Apptopia

While sales saw such an immediate and obvious impact, all of Neura’s teams integrated Apptopia data into their work. This allowed for each department to work in sync and ensure consistent messaging.


Neura transforms App Categories in Airtable to reflect the industries that their marketing team is targeting. This way, the marketing team is able to produce ABM content aimed at hyper-specific personas. And, the sales team is able to appropriately time their outreach and weaponize the content accordingly. Plus, the Apptopia data is updated in real time to support the generation of new campaign audiences and potential prospects. 


This cross-department workflow reduced their cost-per-lead by nearly 500%. With a shorter sales cycle and reduced cost-per-lead, Neura created better alignment between all stakeholders within the organization. Now, Neura is full-steam ahead, finding innovative ways to leverage Apptopia data and, ultimately, push the boundaries of their industry. 


Industry: SDK, Mobile Engagement


LOCATION: Palo Alto, CA 

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