Chartboost increases total SDK integrations by 138% with Apptopia

Chartboost + Apptopia

Chartboost is empowering app developers around the world to build successful businesses using their top-tier mobile programmatic platform. They stay at the forefront of mobile app technology so that developers can focus on creating the best app experience for their users, while Chartboost delivers on in-app monetization and advertising.


In their commitment to provide the very best product and service for their customers, Chartboost partnered with Apptopia in 2016. Since then, their total monthly SDK integrations have
increased 138%, exponentially growing their revenue and expanding their presence across the globe.

The road there

Chartboost knew they needed a competitive mobile intelligence tool to better understand market opportunities, but did not know if there was a provider capable of addressing all of their pain points.


Challenge: Identifying viable partnership opportunities to scale business


Mobile moves quickly— apps can breakout overnight and SDKs can be installed and uninstalled in a matter of hours. Without the right data signals, it’s impossible to keep up with who needs an ad network and why.


Challenge: Benchmarking performance for better informed business decisions


There’s far too much mystery surrounding the mobile app space. Until you visit your competitor’s website, you don’t know who their partners are or what features they’ve adopted.

Turbocharge with mobile intelligence

Solutions: Apptopia Sales Prospector Pro


Chartboost discovered that Apptopia had what they needed to give them a competitive edge to turbocharge their business growth. We talked with Amee Cho, Chief of Staff about her experience with Apptopia.

The value we received from Apptopia exceeded the competition

Amee Chou, Chief of Staff to the COO


Sales Prospector Pro, and every Apptopia plan, comes with App Insights, allowing you to analyze the performance metrics of every app in existence. This core intelligence, in combination with Ad Intelligence and Top charts, arms Chartboost with the insights needed to accelerate sales, marketing and product development.


As a team leader of publisher sales and account management, Adam Boffoli used the Ad Intelligence feature as his go-to for identifying potential partners. While sorting through the Top Charts section is valuable, being able to sort by ad type and ad network saved his team a lot of time and effort.

We were partnering with a top publisher, but according to Apptopia, we did not have one of their top apps integrated with the Chartboost SDK. After identifying the opportunity, we focused efforts on onboarding this app, which led to a significant increase in month over month revenue.

Adam Boffoli, Head of Supply, Americas

Other members of the Chartboost team explain how Apptopia helps them save time finding new opportunities: 


The Top Publisher tab under Ad Intelligence provides insights on ad formats like banners, interstitials and rewarded. Since we recently launched banner format, this feature helps me identify opportunities with apps that has banner inventory.


- Joanne Soh, Business Development Manager, EMEA


I take a look at the App Insights page for anything trending that I haven't noticed. But I really enjoy scouring Ad Intelligence and Top Charts, filtering for categories like Games. Within Ad Intelligence, I can see what is trending as well as which apps are working with us or not. This allows me to check our internal history to see where things may have gone south, but to see if I can pick the conversation back up.


- Ryan Giron, Head of Demand, Americas

Better & faster results with Apptopia

The talent at Chartboost wasted no time diving into the Apptopia database and exploring its
tools. To get the most out of their experience, they also worked closely with the Apptopia team.


They've been very helpful, answering our questions, taking our feedback, providing demos and making sure that their platform can equip us with the tools to succeed in our role.” - Joanne.


Our Customer Success Manager listens to our concerns and addresses them with her expertise. The Apptopia teams are also actively seeking feedback to make sure we are working closely to utilize the features.” - Amee


It is always great to get an email from the Apptopia team on industry trends or a reminder to use a report that I may have missed.” - Adam


Apptopia’s data insights and supreme customer service led to a fuller pipeline, more closed deals and better utilization of time and resources across every Chartboost department—resulting in a 138% increase in total monthly SDK integrations.

About Chartboost

Industry: SDK, Ad network


LOCATION: San Francisco, CA // 3+ International Offices

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